Working For Local Small Business: Carter County Post & CCpost Magazine



More than 28,400 people have read stories and viewed Carter County Post photos in the first three days of August, and that counter is still running until sundown.That means more than 28,000 people have seen ads by our sponsors – since Saturday. Our recent interview and story from members of the Kentucky Christian University football team received an incredibly positive response from the community and hit our Top 10 All-Time list with more than 12,000 page views.

I have a longstanding record as a small business advocate, and The Carter County Post and CCPost Magazine is probably the tiniest small business in Carter County – fueled by ads from local businesses.

This is an incredibly tough time for nearly all small business owners and we want to work with them any way we can. No one can afford to throw away their income on ineffective advertising, and we are always looking for additional ways to shine a light on those who help us keep this little operation up and running.

I will be calling on local merchants during the next few days to sell ads which will appear with every story and photo gallery and I look forward to talking shop to figure out extra avenues to to generate revenues. 

Let me know if you’d like me to drop by with a rate sheet and a sneak peak at possible cover shots for the August edition of CCpost Magazine.

Tim Preston, Community Journalist



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