Who Gets The Family Bible?


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Jason Dobson found an unexpected item while cleaning a small closet in his office at Pure Country Automotive in Grayson – a well-worn family bible.

“I know someone wants this,” Dobson said as he offered the simple, black bound bible for inspection, then opened it to reveal handwritten notes and history. The bible’s personal inscriptions begin in 1971, when it was presented to mark “the parents passing,” and continue through 1997.  

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“The back pages are a little rugged,” he said, gently displaying a few pages which have pulled away from the spine. 

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 The old bible was probably left in a car traded in for a newer model, Dobson theorized.

“Possibly in a trade. That’s what all this is,” Dobson said, sweeping a hand toward a collection of things orphaned inside traded vehicles. The gallery is made up of mostly CDs, including albums by Pink and AC/DC, along with a Sammy Kershaw cassette, a shamrock and a small wooden cross.

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Asked about the most unusual thing he’s personally collected from a trade in, Dobson grins and says only “This” before holding up a hand-written note titled “5 Things I Love About JJ.”

Anyone who recognizes the names inside the old bible as members of their own relatives is welcome to return it to their family, Dobson said.

“I’ll keep it safe right here. If anyone recognizes it, they can call Pure Country Automotive (606-474-5414) and ask for Jason.”

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Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON


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