When Will Henri’s Open In Olive Hill?


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Unless a now-unknown problem causes a change in plans, an opening date has been set to welcome patrons inside Henri’s in Olive Hill.

“Unless some inspection holds us up, we will be open Friday,” owner Todd Antrobus said Monday, November 18, 2019.

Also on site Monday, Henri’s manager CC Stevens, could barely contain her excitement about the market, deli, restaurant and bar.

“We’re making history,” she said. “You’re going to walk into this place and not even realize you are in Olive Hill. It will be a place to relax, chill, eat and have a beer.”

Customer input has been folded into the plans for Henri’s, which is named for the daughter of owners Todd and Wanda Antrobus. Stevens said Facebook polls have provided excellent indications of what patrons want – from brands of beer to deli meats.

“According to Facebook, Cajun Turkey is the number one deli meat, by far,” she said, adding Colby, and Pepper Jack are the top cheeses by request. Classic beer brands will be available immediately upon Henri’s opening, although craft beers will soon be added to the bar menu.

“We’re going to get some really good craft beers,” she said, with options likely to include beverages by breweries in Kentucky.

Antrobus later added they will also stock pepperoni cheese at the request of one patron.

Healthier menu options will be another of Henri’s hallmarks.

“There’s not many health conscious restaurants,” Stevens said.

“We’re on the search for a really good wrap. It won’t feel like you are eating healthy,” she continued.

Antrobus said the deli will offer customers options including the best-tasting, highest quality “whole muscle” and “limited ingredient” products which equal or exceed premium brands such as Boar’s Head.

With entrĂ©e options including wings with six flavor choices and gourmet burgers topped with things like pimento cheese, avocado or pineapple, the Henri’s menu will differ from that of Antrobus’s other restaurant, The Drive-In, just across the road.

“We are going for the ‘WOW’ factor of The Drive-In. We will have gourmet burgers with the same flavors and thought that goes into the food at The Drive-In,” Stevens said.

As manager, Stevens said her goal is to make Henri’s (and The Drive-In) a natural association for guests at Carter Caves State Resort Park, in the same way Miguel’s Pizza has become a part of the experience for tourists at Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Park.

“I want people to know this is a good, family run business,” she said.


“And, we have the world’s cutest logo,” she concluded.

Antrobus said the first section of Henri’s, offering deli and market goods, will open Friday, with additional seating in the bar area opening the following Wednesday.

For more information about Henri’s, call (606) 315-2340 or visit the Henri’s Market & Deli page on Facebook.

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Henri’s Manager CC Stevens

Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON


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