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West Carter’s football roster and schedule

Photo by Ronnie Easterling

West Carter High School Comets Varsity Football Schedule for the 2019 season:

8/24 @ Mercer (Bowl Game)

9/6 vs. Lewis Co. (’94 Team Reunion)

9/13 @ East Carter

9/20 @ Boyd Co.

9/27 vs. Shelby Valley

10/4 vs. Bath Co. (MS/JFL Night)

10/11 @ Prestonsburg

10/18 vs. Martin Co. (Homecoming)

10/25 @ East Ridge

11/1 vs. Russell (Senior Night)

11/8 Playoffs

2019 Football Roster


1Tristan Jordan125’8″156TE/FB/LB

2Ethan Jordan125’7″161TE/FB/LB

3Timothy Fields95’11″160WR/DB

4Neil Lusher105’8″147WR/DB

5Landon Nichols106’1″157QB

7Brent King95’7″140WR/DB

8Trace Tackett126’1″230TE/LB

9Dominic Hinton125’8″155WR/DB

10Bradyn Fleener95’7″137WR/LB

12Gage Leadingham115’7″140WR/DB

13Dylan Roe115’7″200RB/LB

16Cade Oppenheimer95’11″155WR/DB

17Sam Jones106’0″153WR/LB/DB

18Cole Crampton95’10″159RB/QB/DB

19Orry Perry115’9″156QB

20Garrett Wolfe115’9″144K/P

21Leetavious Cline115’9″168RB/DB

22Jackson Bond105’8″132WR/DB

23Logan Berry116’4″255TE/WR

24Ben Wallace105’3″114WR/DB

28Christian Powell105’8″158WR/DB

32Blake McGlone105’7″135RB/WR/DB

33Isaac Bond105’5″175RB/LB

34Conner Greene95’9″138WR/LB

40Chris Stewart116’0″172WR/DB

51Samuel Rayburn105’6″177OL/LB

54Sam Rayburn126’0″213OL/DL

55Noah Orcutt105’6″173OL/DL

59Chancten Fox115’10″228OL/DL

61Harley Bailey105’10″240OL/DL

62Eian Leadingham126’0″158OL/DL

63David Reffitt126’0″304OL/DL

64Gavin Adams106’0″267OL/DL

68Lucas Raybourn95’10″271OL/DL

70Jackson Kidwell95’7″156OL/DL

71Gavin Gibson116’0″210OL/DL

74Canan Barker115’11195OL/DL

75Brent Dailey115’8″265OL/DL

77Preston Nauman106’2″315OL/DL

78Randy Stevens125’10″306OL/DL

84Alec Horth116’1″143WR/DB

88Hunter Mullins95’8″151OL/LB

Coaching Staff is:

Daniel Barker – Head Football Coach

Thomas Flannery – Offensive Coordinator

Jamie Wagner – Offensive Line

Charlie P’Simer – Linebackers

Corey Gee – Defensive Line/STC

Harlee Estepp – Wide Receivers/Defensive Backs

Mike Flannery – Special Teams Coordinator


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