“We have never been closed.”: Bayso’s Sports Pub – “I mean, why do you think they call it The Storm Shelter?”

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Grayson alcohol enforcement official Wiilis Johnson hand delivered notices to each of the city’s restaurants Monday. 

Served with official notice to shut it down and get out by 5 p.m., Monday, March 16, 2020 staff members at Bayso’s Sports Pub in Grayson could not help but be a bit stunned at the history of the moment.

“We have never been closed – except once when we had a break in and some guy tore the place apart … and even then we had it all cleaned up and back open by 6 p.m.” the bartender said.

The observation prompted the chef in the pub’s kitchen to chime in.

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“We have been open every holiday. We actually have big crowds on holidays. It’s like extended family here,” before concluding, “We are always open. I mean, why do you think they call it the storm shelter? People know we will always be open.”

Bayso’s Sports Pub, located at 111 South Hord Street, Grayson, Kentucky opened more than six years ago. It will be closed tomorrow – March 17, 2020.

Owner Scott Menix said the establishment will, however, remain in business during the shut down and will be offering customers curb-service for food orders.

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