US 60 Yard Sale Had It All

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“I think that’s an exercise thing? I’m not sure,” she said.

From A to Z, you could find practically anything at this year’s U.S. 60 Yard Sale in Carter County.

Dolls, DVDs, fur-fringed coats, leather jackets, Weed trimmers, mowers, power tools, hand implements, area rugs, beach cruiser style bicycles, stew pots and pressure cookers sat alongside helmets, hats and Hulk hands.

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Vintage soda bottles, fishing rods reels and related paraphernalia neighbored with new and used clothing, old shoes, action figures, dolls, playsets and figurines.

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Tires, wheels, pottery, jars, exercise devices, tarps, spools of thread, marbles, theater seats, Yamaha speakers, golf clubs and rolling pins and even his and hers bedpans could be found at the next station along the road.

“I’ve been here since Thursday,” said Margaret Meadows, noting she was joining other members of Gregoryville Baptist Church in the old Shangri La parking lot, near Kendra’s Korner, for Saturday’s shopping action.

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Meadows said she hoped to sell the collection of glass left to her by her mother and grandmother, as well as fire fighter figurines collected by her boyfriend, Kenny Leadingham.

Watermelons, half-runner beans, rifles, shotguns, gas cans, a baton, folding bicycles made by Damon, lanterns, a blind duck and even a garbage can were also set to tempt shoppers.

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Wanda Murray and son, Eppie, of Ashland was joined by Laura Mauk of Grayson, as she sold a collection of clothing.

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“There have been more parents than grandparents looking for kids clothes for back to school, if you know what I mean,” she observed, adding she caught herself adding a few extra items, for free, to several customers purchases in hopes of helping.

Karen Hollingsworth had a healthy flow of foot traffic at her home near Racer Mart and East Carter High School. As she sold a colorful set of pottery bowls, she confessed she was unsure of one particular item among her goods.

“I think that’s an exercise thing? I’m not sure,” she said with a hearty chuckle.

The device, a “Cross Crunch” is designed to help strengthen the abdomen, she soon determined.


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