Tulips: “I’m selling every one I grow” – Adam Bond


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Carter County farmer Adam Bond never dreamed his current crop would be in such high demand.

“I wish I would have planted twice as many now. I could sell every one of them. I’m selling every one I grow now,” Bond said, surveying the rows of near-blooming tulip varieties at his farm on U.S. 60 across from Gregoryville Christian Church on the outskirts of Grayson.

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Bond is raising several types of tulips at his Fairytale Farms Greenhouse, with varieties including Drumline, Sensual Touch, and Foxy Foxtrot among the rows.

Rather than marketing his tulips to florists, Bond said every customer has been someone who simply wanted the flowers to fresh and brighten up their home, or to give to friends who are also stuck at home. 

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Packaging the tulips, which are sold and delivered by the dozen, is simple.

“Tulips are wrapped in craft paper and tied with hay string,” Bond said. “Simple and elegant at same time.”

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The local grower said he will have another batch of different flower coming available as his vegetable crops from fruition.

“Next will be Dahlias and Lilies.Then Sunflowers, Zinnias, Foxgloves, Bell of Ireland, and a load more,” Bond said. “Will also have cold weather veggies soon too –  such as broccoli cabbage onions lettuce, carrots, and a few others.”

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Bond added, “I will also offer veggies for delivery.”

For more information, visit the Fairytale Farms Greenhouse page on Facebook, or call 606-225-3041.

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Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON

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