T&T Outdoors – “Kayaks, Propane, Gasoline, Live Bait And A Lot of Engraved Knives” (additional photos)


The owners of T&T Outdoors have spent the past few months preparing for the days when warm weather again attracts visitors to Grayson Lake.

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T&T Outdoors - "Kayaks, Propane, Gasoline, Live Bait And A Lot of Engraved Knives" (additional photos) 11

The “T&T” is short for Tussey and Tussey. The place is owned and operated by two brothers, Kegan and Ryan Tussey, and their wives, Hannah (all graduates of East Carter High School) and Miranda (a West Carter graduate). The brothers, lifelong outdoorsmen themselves, are both boilermakers, while Miranda is a social worker and Hannah a stay-at-home mom, at least until the brothers jumped on a chance to buy the store along Route 7 near Grayson Lake in October, 2020.

“It was a dream of theirs that we didn’t realize they had,” Miranda said, smiling as she acknowledged each of them was a newcomer to the daily operations of a small business. “People have been very patient with us.”

Kegan and Ryan have known the outdoor shop since childhood, and recall it essentially started “as a shack” which was built up over the years by founders Danny and Charlotte Gifford.

“Danny and Charlotte have been great mentors. You couldn’t ask for any better.”

“When I was just a kid, this was where we came,” Kegan said, recalling he would often stay with his granny, who lived nearby.

The Tusseys made several changes and additions during the winter months, and added archery tournaments, taking advantage of the indoor range incorporated into the store’s second floor when it was built in 1993.

“We’ve added more variety of baits, trapping stuff, ammo and archery equipment,” Ryan said, crediting Chris and Erica Reed for their support and development of the archery program.

Kegan said the shop will offer “Kayaks, propane and gasoline” in addition to firewood, camping supplies, live and artificial bait, in addition to hunting, trapping and fishing gear. Taxidermy fans will appreciate the mounts inside he shop, which include several from the original owner.

Hannah stressed the family’s appreciation toward everyone who has supported their initial efforts.

“It has been community. Local people who came and supported us every day,” she said, citing customers from communities including Mayhew Flats, Hitchins, Willard, Deer Creek, Rattlesnake Ridge and Horton Flats among their regular shoppers.

They also credit the help of Steve Sharp, the owners of Messer’s 5th Street Electric, as well as lifelong friend Ronnie Estep, who “gave us the opportunity to buy the store.”

The Tusseys plan to add new products and services to the inventory at T&T Outdoors as traffic to and from Grayson Lake increases. Located at 4609 South Highway 7, Grayson, T&T Outdoors is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

For more information visit their Facebook page, or call 606-474-7539.


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