Troy Combs: Write-In Candidate for Grayson City Council

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Troy Combs: Write-In Candidate for Grayson City Council 2

Troy Combs is encouraging voters to write his name on their ballot in the race for Grayson City Council, which has six open seats and only five official candidates.

“My plan has always been to come back here and practice law. My family has been on Main Street for more than 50 years,” Combs said.

Combs is already familiar with many of Grayson’s procedures and policies, having served as a member of the city’s Planning & Zoning board – including legal research.

“I feel like I could bring some stuff to the table for city council,” Combs said. “I have a vested interest in seeing the city grow and develop.”

Combs grew up in Grayson and graduated as class president at East Carter High School in 2010. He attended Kentucky Christian University before receiving a degree in government at Morehead State University. He is currently enrolled at Chase College of Law and is scheduled to graduate in 2021.

He is a founding member of the Carter County Kiwanis Club and is a member at First Baptist Church. He owns a locally-famous dog named Archie. “People think it’s mom’s dog,” he noted.

As all candidates on the ballot have dealt with the challenge of getting their message out duringthe ongoing pandemic, Combs said he has been working hard to get the word out about his write-in campaign.

“Social media is pretty helpful,” he said, adding he also worked with the local radio station and otherwise relied upon word of mouth.

While talking to local voters, Combs said the city’s sports park was identified as an issue by several he spoke with.

“I’m willing to support anything good for our city. I want to make sure the expenditures are used well. I know the sports park has a lot of support – and I know others are skeptical.”

Combs emphasized he wants to communicate with city residents and have confidence in their local elected officials.

“I’d want to keep people informed,” he said. “I want people to have confidence in their city council.”

Combs said he is disheartened by the fact more young people don’t seem to be stepping up for positions like city council.

“I want to get involved and that’s why I’m running.”

Story & Photo by TIM PRESTON

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