Tres Hermanos Nunez Fourth of July a huge success in Grayson


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Crowd estimates for Thursday’s Fourth of July celebration at Tres Hermanos Nunez restaurant ranged from hundreds to thousands, with no way to ever know exactly how many people gathered in Grayson to enjoy a meal, music, fellowship and fireworks provided free of charge by the Nunez family.

“I don’t know how many it is – a lot! A thousand? Two thousand? I don’t know,” said Misael Nunez as he scrambled from task to task, smiling the entire time.

At least three hours before the last plate was served, Nunez noted the Tres Hermanos team had already served up ten 40-pound portions of chicken breast, as well as an unknown quantity of steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, rice and cheese sauce, in addition to beverages including fruit-flavored Jaritos sodas from Mexico.Around 7 p.m., the line of people waiting for a free meal stretched from the serving tent across the lawn and into the parking lot, where the last person began the journey on the opposite side of the restaurant.

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Misael Nunez distributed provided sparklers to the crowd just as the sun went down.

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An incredible display of fireworks, launched from a field between Tres Hermanos Nunez restaurant and the Carter County Detention Center lit up the night sky and caused many to cover their ears.

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Asked about the cost to host such a large and public party, Misael Nunez chuckled and said, “We don’t know and we don’t want to know!”

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