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The Standard of Excellence with Ronnie Dotson- School Safety

Keeping our students safe is the number one priority for parents, schools, and communities. Understanding the concerns of the public, we want to assure you that we take the safety and well-being of our students and employees very seriously.

We rely on information provided by local, state, and national agencies to keep us informed of any potential situation that could pose a credible threat to anyone in our school district. If at any point it is determined that the safety of our students and employees is in jeopardy, decisions will be made that reflect the district’s commitment to safety. Below is a list of safety measures that are in place at all schools across the district.

-All exterior doors are locked

-All classroom doors are locked

-Visitors must identify themselves and the nature of their visit to gain entry to the school

-All schools have a secondary locked area before entering classroom hallways

-All schools have personnel trained in safety and first aid

-District and school personnel collaborate regularly with the Kentucky State Police, Carter County Sherriff’s office, Grayson City Police, and Olive Hill City Police

-The district contracts with the city of Grayson and Olive Hill to retain two school resource officers

-All schools participate in safety drills in collaboration with law enforcement and first responders as required by state law

-All middle and high school teachers participate in suicide prevention and trauma informed care trainings

-The district collaborates with the Kentucky Department of Homeland security to provide a STOP tip line accessible from the district website for reporting any possible threat to schools

-All schools have an emergency management plan that includes district-wide standard protocols for different situations

While no person or agency can guarantee the actions of others, the school system is determined to do everything possible to keep our kids safe. If you have suggestions for ways that we can improve our procedures please feel free to contact the district or your school’s office.

Dr. Ronnie Dotson is the Superintendent of Schools in Carter County, Kentucky. During his tenure, Carter County has improved from being one of the lowest achieving districts in the state to consistently ranking among the highest performing. In facilitating one of the most successful turnarounds in the history of Kentucky, Dotson credits a dedicated school board, a talented team of professionals, and a community passionate about its children. Dr. Dotson writes The Standard of Excellence, exclusive to Carter County Post, on issues related to education and education policy throughout the Commonwealth.


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