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The Running Wife Delivers Big To Western Carter County (10 photos)

Members of the online organization known as “The Running Wife” made their second major show of support for local families today (April 30, 2020) with thousands of dollars worth of fresh groceries, household and hygiene items as well as goodies to help provide distraction for children who’ve been home far longer than usual.

Volunteers hustled in the middle school gymnasium as the divided fruit cups, laundry detergent, gallons of milk, dozens of eggs, paper towels, cleaning supplies, macaroni and cheese, diapers, loaves of fresh bread, sticks of margarine, popcorn, Pop-Tarts, oatmeal packets, canned vegetables, bananas and diapers along with taco kits – a crucial component of The Running Wife’s ongoing plans to support Kentucky communities with a virtual run and “Taco Night” on May 5, Cinco de Mayo.

Thursday’s grocery collection included more than 40 taco kits, as well as meat, cheese, lettuce and other toppings. Bags and boxes given to local families also included small tubs of Play-Dough, sidewalk chalk, soap bubbles and even water pistols.

“We have more than $5,000 worth of goods and essentials today. This time we did way more food than toiletries,” said Ashleigh Freda, founder of The Running Wife, who explained the group has also provided food and support for more than 100 families in Fayette, Woodford and Jessamine County.

In those counties, local teachers picked up food bundles from Freda’s home, where her own children, ages 5 and 9, helped her sort it all for delivery to families as part of their at-home schooling.

400 runners signed up for The Running Wife’s Cinco de Mayo virtual race, allowing individuals to support the cause and select their own four-mile course to complete. Participating families plan to share tacos at home to celebrate.

With 75 members nationwide (“Most of them in Kentucky,” Freda notes) The Running Wife has collectively made a notable contribution to local families with $15,000 worth of groceries collected and redistributed in a matter of weeks.

For more information about The Running Wife, visit the group’s Facebook page.

Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON 

Carter County Post


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