The Perfect Tomato Sandwich: Part 1 – Kellie Sexton


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“I love tomato sandwiches,” Kellie Sexton said, moments before sharing a recipe sure to cause some consternation among purists of the homegrown entrée.

“I start with the freshest, fluffiest white bread I can find,” she elaborated. “I like a tomato that’s big enough that one slice can cover the whole slice of bread. I will put on two slice or one big, thick slice.”

At that point, Sexton revealed the personal preferences which make her own version of the tomato sandwich perfect. “I put a slice of American cheese, just regular old cheese, on top of the tomato. And, I like Miracle Whip on mine – a good portion of it! Probably a good tablespoon. “And that’s a perfect tomato sandwich to me. It doesn’t need anything else.”

Sexton said she prefers a slice of Mr. Stripy tomato, but does not insist upon that variety. Cherokee Purple are delicious for a sandwich, she said, but difficult to get a single slice large enough to cover the bread. “I just like a big red tomato,” she concluded.


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