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Friday, September 25, 2020
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The Running Wife: Delivering Groceries For Carter County

Members of "The Running Wife" will soon be delivering a load of groceries to help feed Carter County families, as part of a larger...

Feeding The Family: KCU Cafeteria Team Serve Tastes From Home (14 photos)

The culinary crew at Kentucky Christian University in Grayson served 413 guests an early Thanksgiving meal Wednesday with visitors including students, faculty members, family...

Thanksgiving Dinner: Planning Crucial For KCU Cafeteria Team (nine photos)

Where do you go in Grayson for the best deal on a delicious Thanksgiving meal? Kentucky Christian University. "They take it serious," said cafeteria...

ECHS Football Friday: In The Stands and On The Sidelines (16 photos)

The stands at East Carter High School were filled with fans Friday night as the hometown team took on the Fairview Eagles. Many...

The Standard of Excellence with Ronnie Dotson, Ed.D.

The beginning of the school year is such an exciting time. While some children will be experiencing school for the first time, others will...

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Center 4 Change & Jenkie’s Journey: “We are not a methadone clinic.”

"It is not a methadone or suboxone clinic. This is a treatment facility," said Kieara Judd, a Certified Social Worker who will serve as the program's administrator.

Many Masks To Choose From

Miss Grayson's Outstanding Teen Jasmine Webb and her mother, Christina, are again offering masks for sale at...

KCU vs Montreat: Men’s Soccer (12 photos)

Parents and students cheered from their vehicles and the hill outside of the stadium. The Knights suffered a loss against the Montreat Caveliers with a score of 4-0.

Hay Testing Available

It is time for hay testing!  Producers are invited to contact the Extension Office at 474-6686 to...