ADDED PHOTOS: Carter County Kentucky Teen Court 2019-2020 (more than 50 photos)


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Judge Rupert Wilhoit administered an oath to participants in the 2019 Carter County Teen Court Monday evening, December 16, 2019.

State Representative Kathy Hinkle assisted in presenting each Teen Court member with citations from the state House of Representatives, Senate and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

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Teen Court members presented a partial “mock trial” as part of the evening’s program, acting as court officials in a theoretical theft by unlawful taking case.

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2019-2020 Teen Court participants are Jayla Bailey, Katie Barker, Laken Bond, Thomas Eklund, Erica Hilderbrand, Macy Inskeep, Riley Madden, Chloe Marstiller, Amy Oakley, Jordan Orcutt, Rickalyn Rayburn, Wylie Shutte, Lexi Stone, Kyla Davis, Kinley Lewis, Gracie Adams, Curtis Bair, Jake Bender, Eden Blevins, Bridan Braun, Danielle Bryant, Jayden Bush, Josalynn Bush, Karen Caballero, Kaitlyn Conley, Savanna Crisp, Nathaniel Duncan, McClain Dyer, Gracie Fleming, Shawn Greenhill, Maria Hayes, Abby Huddle, Emily Johnson, Ella Kiser, Shaylee Ledford, Whitley Ledford, Aliya Lewis, Lindsey Lewis, Mackenzie Lewis, Faith Maddix, Briana Marcum, Nolan Marcum, Eliana McDavid, Lilly Morrison, Lauren Nolty, Hunter Ockerman, Aubri Perkins, Maria Perry, Isabella Poskas, McKenzie Prater, Christopher Prince, Katlin Sammons, Noah Sammons, James Sexton, Ryker Sexton, Tristan Sexton, Chloe Shelton, Bethany Shepard, Jackson Stephens, Ariel Tharp, Madison Waller, and Andrea Warren. 

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The Department of Family and Juvenile Services of the Administrative Office of the Court also recognized the contributions of 37th District Judge Rupert Wilhoit, along with Hon. Johnny Lewis, Hon. Whitley Hill-Bailey, Hon. Laura Jane Phelps and Teen Court Coordinator Suzanne Ginter.

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Friends, family and supporters enjoyed the opportunity to talk, take photos, and enjoy cake provided by Grayson Foodfair.

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Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON

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