Sunday Protest and March: Grayson Chamber Issues Advisory


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“As most of you know there will be a ‘Peaceful Protest’ downtown Sunday afternoon. There are several Chamber members concerned about the measures being taken to ensure the safety of themselves and their property.”“The Grayson Police Department, Sherriff Department, Fire Dept, & Emergency Management are coordinating a plan to protect the peace during the protest to avoid any damage to persons or property.

Travis Steele, interim Chief of Police, stated that the mission of the Grayson Police Department will be to provide the attendees and participants with a safe environment to exercise their Constitutional Rights. 

Personnel of the Grayson Police Department and Carter County Sherriff’s Department will be assigned to locations to ensure public safety for the duration of the event. Chief Steele has met with the organizer of the protest and is assured that it will be peaceful. However, there is a contingency plan in place should it escalate and become destructive or violent.

Important Notice: In efforts to prepare for the march, at 10pm on Saturday night Main Street will be closed from Landsdowne to Carol Malone. Any vehicle on Main Street will need to be moved off the street, or they will be towed.

The Protest March will begin in between Landsdowne and Carol Malone beginning at 2pm on Sunday. There will be a PA system and several speakers including Breonna Taylor’s mom.

The march will start on Main St and move towards Prichard. They will turn North on to Robert & Mary and then turn up Third street towards the Police Station where they will lay down for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, referencing George Floyd’s death. They will repeat this march 7 times.

Grayson is a peaceful community, and I hope that our citizens will respect others’ rights to peacefully protest. We encourage our members not to provoke or antagonize the protestors. Confronting the protestors will serve no purpose other than to escalate the situation into a riot. So, please allow these American citizens to express their rights of free speech in a peaceful manner.

We would like to thank Chief Steele for his leadership in coordinating and planning a response to provide a safe environment for everyone involved and to our community businesses.”


Michelle Wilhoit,

Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce


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