Sunday Drive: Grayson to Hidden Cove Golf Course: by MICHELLE BRAND


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A week has come and gone and it was time for a Sunday Drive! This gorgeous day was calling us to head south out of Grayson.

One of our favorite spring blooming trees is the Red-bud and this week they are in peak bloom!

Rt. 7 is lined with the pretty lavender trees and is one of our favorite roads this time of year. The route includes lots of sights for the eyes, including a couple of hills, a beautiful valley with a iconic farmstead, curves and a great view of Grayson lake while crossing the dam. One of my favorite photos was taken while on the dam. On the right-hand side you can see a row of red-bud trees back-lit with the sunshine standing proud in a line along the top of the ridge. Just breathtaking.

Seeing the houseboats on the lake is always a peaceful scene to behold. Then my favorite part of our drive is the “s” curve where the red-buds line both sides of the road. Sooo pretty.

As we continue our trip we cross fingers of the lake a couple of times and see that the water levels are still low, exposing beaches and rocky edges that are normally under water. Almost to the Elliott county line we turn right into the famous Hidden Cove Golf Course. I am hoping to see some wildlife on the greens.

The grounds look beautiful in their spring splendor with ornamental trees dotting the landscape. Was so excited to see a deer and a pair of Canadian geese. Also a graceful weeping willow tree draping its branches over a quiet pond. A paved golf cart trail beckoned to us meandering through the trees. Such a beautiful vista on top of the hill of the cattail-surrounded pond with a back-drop of layers of mountains.

Well, it was time to head to Grayson and the trip back was just as enjoyable. The old-time machinery grounds, a cheerful red barn and a beautiful country home rounded out our Sunday drive.

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Story and Photos by MICHELLE BRAND

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