Sunday Drive: by MICHELLE BRAND


There is something special about a Sunday drive in the fall.  The leaves just started turning yellow and red in the past couple of days. 

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Sunday Drive: by MICHELLE BRAND 9

It’s that time of year that a lot of folks anticipate with bated breath.  The cooler evenings, the wildflowers spectacular last show and bright sunny days, just put people in a happy mood.

Fall colors, rivers and bridges are three of this photographer’s favorite things to shoot!  So we headed over to the Old Town Covered bridge in neighboring Greenup County for this day’s Sunday Drive.

This bridge was built in the year 1880, restored in 1972 and renovated in 1999.  It spans the Little Sandy River and has withstood several floods  through the years.
A beautiful sight with its bright red tin roof, wooden beams and limestone supports, it is 192 feet long and originally cost $4,000 to build.

The bridge has been closed to traffic, but is a great place to enjoy the river view.  There is a mowed path on the south side of the bridge to walk through the wildflowers.  You end up under the bridge where you can see the limestone supports up close. 

Be careful if you go down to the river’s edge as it is slippery and has it’s fair share of poison ivy!

The Little Sandy is running pretty low, due to the lack of rain recently.  But even that has a special kind of beauty, as the roots of the trees along the banks are visible in all of their tangled glory.  

As the leaves change into bright fall colors and the wildflowers fade the Old Town Covered Bridge will continue to be a favorite scenic spot for folks (and photographers) to enjoy being outside and soaking up the view.

Story & Photos by MICHELLE BRAND

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