“Soaking up these moments” by BOBBI SLOAS


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It’s been a bitter/sweet journey for me over the past 7 weeks. Like most small businesses in our county we have had to close due to Covid-19.

In less than 24hrs our worlds were turned upside down. Adjusting to this new normal for me and many others has been very hard but also rewarding. 

When your life is consumed with schedules, appointment books and a phone in your hand the world around you passes by. Busy almost became fashionable especially in today’s world. You forget to stop smell the roses and live in the moment. Moments are scheduled and never spontaneous anymore. We have become so worried about tomorrow that we forget to see the beauty around us today. 

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This journey has definitely made me see, see what I have been missing for so long. Soaking up these moments with my family, having dinner, watching movies or a simple conversation has been a blessing. I have learned to take one day at a time, and just have Faith tomorrow we be ok. 

There will be a day very soon when busy will be back in our lives. I will be Thankful to be back to work but I will also miss being at home as well. I hope we all take away from this journey to never take today or tomorrow for granted. Live life to fullest, live in the moment not by a schedule. 

Enjoy the simple things, those are the ones that make the best memories.

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Story and Photos by BOBBI SLOAS 

Carter County Post


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