Seven Years A Sports Pub: Bayso’s Celebrates Anniversary Tuesday – Music by Shelby Lore

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Seven Years A Sports Pub: Bayso's Celebrates Anniversary Tuesday - Music by Shelby Lore 2

Phillip “Powder” Lemaster didn’t plan to become the first person to be served a legal beer at Bayso’s Sports Pub seven years ago, although he was happy to tackle the task and has repeated the act on every anniversary since.

“I just happened to be here. I was sitting in the parking lot and I saw Keith (Bays) cleaning the door so I came on over. He said, ‘I can’t serve you yet.’ I said, ‘Whatever – I want the first one.’ So, we sat here and watched the clock on my phone until it was 11 o’clock,” Lemaster recalled, adding for the record that he enjoyed that first beer alongside Kevin “KY” Young.

Celebrating the seventh year of business at Bayso’s Sports Pub at 111 Hord Street in Grayson, this time around Lemaster enjoyed a cold mug of Michelob Ultra.

“It’s Mich Ultra now. Some of it’s been with Bud Light. Some of it’s been with Rolling Rock. Of course, you know there’s only four kinds of beer that I’ll drink – bottles, cans, kegs and free!”

Bayso’s Sports Pub owner Scott Menix said there will be a party to mark the seven-year milestone.

“Tuesday (November 10, 2020) is the day we officially celebrate 7 years with Happy hour from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Free fries or chips with any burger, and Shelby Lore plays from 7 until 11 p.m.,” Menix said.

Sometimes called “The Storm Shelter” due to an ongoing trend of customers finding their way there before, during and after harsh weather and storms, Bayso’s Sports Pub has long served as a live music venue.

Named after original owner, Keith “Bayso” Bays, the best known menu item is likely the “Bayso Burger” – although there are several other popular entrees offered.

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Story & Photo by TIM PRESTON

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