Sen. Robin L. Webb appointed to multiple legislative task forces



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FRANKFORT – Senator Robin L. Webb, D-Grayson, has been appointed to serve on the Public Water and Wastewater System Infrastructure Task Force, Judicial Structuring and Redistricting Task Force, and the Jail and Corrections Reform Task Force during the 2020 Interim Joint Session.

The nine-member Public Water and Wastewater System Infrastructure Task Force will examine when and how to prevent the failure of community water and wastewater systems by empowering the proper authorities to ensure appropriate oversight and setting into place effective enforcement measures.  Webb filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 81 in during the 2019 legislative session that mirrors the composition and purpose of the Task Force.


The Judicial Structuring and Redistricting Task Force will be charged with studying the structure of the Judicial Branch and the effects it has on the administration of justice. The group will also review redistricting of any and all judicial districts, with emphasis on reducing population disparities. Webb currently is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association, and licensed in all Federal and State courts, practicing throughout the Commonwealth, with a law office in Carter County.  Senator Webb is a long time member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


The Jail and Corrections Reform Task Force will examine and review the adequacy of existing jail and correctional facilities. The group will also look at Kentucky’s incarcerated population, personnel and other costs associated with jail and correctional facilities, and consider various other issues.  Webb has previously served as a member of the Kentucky Jail Standards Commission, and has an active criminal defense practice.


“It is an honor to be selected as one of the legislative members to serve on these significant task forces,” Sen. Webb said. “I think my experience in these areas will serve as a valuable asset in facilitating constructive dialogue and seeking solutions to the issues we face in our state.


The task force members will meet monthly during the 2020 Interim of the General Assembly and submit their findings and recommendations to the Legislative Research Commission to consider during the 2021 Regular Session.


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