Zack Kouns: “My grandfather was a backwood healer.”

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Clinical Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner Zack Kouns is now part of the team at Grayson’s Walking On Sunshine Wellness Spa & Shoppe in Grayson.

Even though Zack Kouns has completed more formal studies, he says his most important lessons were learned from his grandfather, starting at an early age.

“My grandfather was a backwood healer. I started with him when I was six or seven years old and continued for the next 20 years, learning to identify plants and make medicines,” he said.

A new member of the team at Grayson’s Walking On SunshineWellness Spa & Shoppe, Kouns said customers have been especially receptive to Reiki therapy, which many had requested long before his arrival. Reiki, he explained, “is a form of energy healing that generally involves the laying on of hands, and it makes reference to a universal life force.”

The therapeutic practice is known by many names in different cultures, he added, and can benefit people with a variety of issues. “Everyone would benefit from it,” Kouns said, specifically citing benefits for those who are dealing with general depletion of energy, difficulty sleeping, depression, “and just not being able to function.”

“We want medicine to be proactive and not reactive,” he said, adding he practices Reiki techniques upon himself. “I find it intensely satisfying. “Reiki may also help people with chronic pain, high stress levels or immunological disorders, Kouns said. “It’s not something you can overdo,” he said with a soft smile.

A Reiki session is performed with the patient on a table where they are made comfortable using specified methods before following a couple of forms of meditation and then “laying on hands to allow an energy transference from practitioner to patient.”

In his role as a clinical herbalist at Walking On Sunshine Salon & Spa, Kouns said he begins with an extensive interview to determine each patient’s medical history, including medications “and most importantly their desired outcome.”

When possible, Kouns forages his own ingredients and crafts compounds to benefit each patient.

“All medicinal plants are seasonal,” he said, noting he otherwise relies upon highest-quality ingredients from companies he has experience with.

Kouns said he is particularly cautious about herbal interactions with prescription medications.

Kouns is on duty at Walking On Sunshine between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. each Wednesday, and other days by appointment.

For more information or to schedule a session call or text Kouns at (740) 302-2944.

For more information about Walking On Sunshine Wellness Spa & Shoppe, call (606) 225-7339.

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