Re-group Behavioral Health and Treatment Foster Care open in Grayson




Chaplain, Bill Dillon opened the day in prayer, and CEO Ginny Anderson then thanked the more than 100 people who attended the ribbon cutting event, including Aaron Thompson, Field Representative at KY Office of the Governor/Department for Local Government, Leif Clark, Ramey-Estep’s board president and other board members, Barbara McClanahan and Andrew Jones.



Anderson gave special thanks to the 40 Ramey-Estep service providers, who in her words are “the most caring, loyal and stubborn people she has had the pleasure of knowing. They don’t give up on families, communities, or our mission.”

She finished with, “Our out-patient program was born out of two philosophies, Strong families need strong communities and strong communities need strong families.”

The extension office will be Re-group Behavioral Health services and Ramey-Estep Treatment Foster Care programming.

Re-group Behavioral Health is a comprehensive outpatient program utilizing nationally recognized, evidenced based treatment, specializing in behavioral health and substance abuse treatment for children and adults. They offer office-based, in-home and school-based programs. Services include: Assessment, Therapy services, psychological testing, case management, Intensive Outpatient Program, Mobile Crisis and specialized substance abuse treatment.

Ramey-Estep Treatment Foster Care will provide Foster Parent Training and certification, Therapy services, case management and Adoption services from this location as well. Ramey-Estep has 35-40 foster homes across the FIVCO region. The program provides 24-7 crisis support to families along with school support, foster parent training and in-home support to assist their foster families in caring for the area’s most vulnerable children.


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