Racing Recap: What A Weekend! by GUNNER JOHNSON



Holy Moly what a weekend of racing! 

This weekend was the “DTWC” dirt track world championship at “PRP” Portsmouth Raceway Park. Cars started rolling in on Wednesday and the wild fun and awesome racing began on Thursday. 

We’ll start off with the Modified class there was 100 cars showed up to try their luck at making the big race. Jeff Flaugher and Flaugher Motorsports would be on hand with the #9F Rocket Modified with Brian Sammons Jr. at the wheel.


Brian would end up qualifying 11th out of 100 cars. He would start outside pole of his heat race and finish in 3rd, then go to his B-main and finish 3rd.

Boogie Sammons and the S&S Motorsports #B5 Modified was in attendance @ DTWC along with Jimmy Lennex Jr. at the wheel. 

Jackie Boggs and the #4B team would be on hand with a brand new car. Shane Bailey was on deck with a fresh new #1 car as well. Due to being sick I’ve been unable to run down any information. 


Gunner Johnson #9F “myself” was over at Mudlick Valley Raceway with the “Black Pearl” we won our heat race and had a fast car but broke a strut in the first lap and had to take it easy.

I was very thankful to have hold onto 3rd place.


Shane Irvin 92x from Lake Cumberland came up to play. 

“The four-hour drive was worth it,” he said. 

He finished 2rd right behind Sean Jones 24 would take the victory.


There was a good bunch of Carter County Boys there Frank James, Jason Canterbury, Jimmy Easterling to name a few.

Hope you enjoy the Racing Recap I’ll be coming to you from different race teams shops in the weeks to come.


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