Racing Recap by Gunner “The Gunner Man” Johnson July 16


Brian “Boogie ” Sammons and Jimmy Lennex Jr. Teamed up @MRP Moler Raceway Park and came out with a victory in the #5B S&S Motorsports sport mod.


Jackie Boggs and the #4B Motorsports team would travel to Junction City to do battle at the Ponderosa Bullring for the Bobby Carrier Sr. memorial. He finished 3rd in his heat race, and would go onto start the feature on the 4th roll outside. He was running 7th with only 4 laps left out of 40. He’d suffer a left rear flat and be forced to pull off finishing in 14th. Jackie would travel back to Atomic Raceway on Saturday night, where he finished 5th in the first heat. And after making some changes he would roll out for the feature and finish in 3rd place. Jackie’s team said it was a wild night at Atomic but it was a good race. It was “meet the drivers night” and Jackie had a line of people stopping by to check him out and talk to him. Jackie is always a crowd favorite and the kids are always welcome at his trailer Jackie enjoys the young ones. I personally know how that feels as a young child. I went to “meet the driver nights”, and some are not near as friendly as others. Jackie always treats the kids right when they stop by.


Shane Bailey and his #1 Crate Late Model would go to the battle grounds of Portsmouth Raceway Park. I spoke to Shane about his night and he said,” I had a good car all night, was able to win our heat. Started outside pole in the feature and was able to hold onto 2nd. We were way under powered but the car was on rails; just couldn’t make up the difference on the leader.

Brian Sammons, Jeff Flaugher, and the Flaugher Motorsports Modified would go to Portsmouth Raceway Park as well to battle it out. Brian finished 3rd in his heat race went onto the to the feature. Brian “Boogie” Sammons was running his S&S Motorsports modified along side of his son at PRP. He’d finish his heat in 7th place. He had go onto the B-Main where he finished 3rd.

Brian and Boogie ran the feature side by side and lap after lap. It was a father and son battle!

Turn after turn Brian was blocking Boogie trying to hold him off. Brian ended up finishing in 9th place and Boogie in 10th. 

Gunner Johnson (myself) went to Mud Lick Valley Raceway to do battle. I had only been twice and decided since my home track Richmond Raceway had the night off,  I’d go over. I didn’t want to take my new car I run at Richmond and take a chance on messing something up. So, I had an older chassis and we decided to throw this thing together.

To let you in on a secret: this was at around 5:00 PM on Thursday night. So with the help of a couple buddies, we laid into getting this baby going. We had to put the motor in twice, due to a clearance issue. Then, we had to put in a transmission. The one I had in it, I pulled out of it a few weeks back after busting one at Mud Lick Vally. So now we just had everything else to do to it, and double checking the whole car out.

Finally we was race ready at about 5 p.m. on Saturday evening. Upon arrival, we got unloaded and hit some hot laps car had a bad stumble in it. Papaw #2 came over and started checking into the problem made a few carburetor adjustments and checked the plugs we were ready to try it again. So my heat race rolled around I was starting in the second roll outside.

When the green flag dropped I was just trying to find a good place to set my groove and run. Finally, after a couple laps I was feeling good and was getting up on the second place car and I saw an opportunity, so I took it. I was now running in second place after getting hit in the door pretty hard under a caution.

I was getting closer and closer to lead car every lap then- BANG!

My right rear tire and wheel flew off my car going all the way up past the stands. The car dropped onto the ground and was everywhere. I finally got her piped down and into the pits.

Man, what a ride! 

But all in all it was a very, very, good night, and was a lot of fun building a car and having made some more memories with my team.

Dad, “Bubba Johnson,” said I was ate up with it, but he was chomping at the bits with no cell service. I promise you he was really excited to say the least, everyone who keeps up with me will understand what I’m talking about!


#9F #nocommercials Carter County Strong

-Gunner Johnson

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