Race Recap for The Carter County Boys

Boogie Sammons & Jimmy Lennex Jr. @MRP

Richmond Raceway was the track of choice for most this past weekend. Richmond had a two day event going on and brought in racers from all over the area.

They had veteran drivers they’re in the super late models, such has Jackie Boggs and “Fast” Freddie Carpenter, several other very talented drivers – Kirk Phillips, Tyler Carpenter, Jason Jameson, Zach Dohm, Derek Fisher, Rod Conley, and Victor Lee all showed up to do battle.

Fast Freddie would kick off Friday night by flipping his K Super Late Model in turn 1 & 2 in his heat race and would go on to the pits to put his car back together. He would return for the feature.

Jackie Boggs would kick off the weekend at Richmond Raceway. He finished 3rd in his heat and 13th in the feature on Friday night. Saturday, Jackie Boggs would qualify 5th in his group. Then, in his heat race and was looking good with a fast car. But then – boom!- in turn 1 a car had spun out and Boggs had to take the hit and his car ended up on its top. Thankfully, he got out and walked away on his own.

Greg Bentley #32 went to Richmond Raceway as well. He said he was gonna turn some wrenches and get back at it, while in the pits getting ready for the feature Friday night. I asked him about his weekend and Greg said, “Well, this weekend was the first time we’ve had the Full Modified out. We ended up 10th on Friday and 9th on Saturday. Driver just needs some more laps!”

Gunner Johnson #9F would definitely be hitting Richmond Raceway for his choice of battle grounds. Gunner (myself) went out to qualify and could tell real quick the work my team had out into my car had helped big time. I rolled out not long after my good friend Allen “The Punisher” Hackworth, who was #1 qualifier and I qualified #2. I rolled into the the infield, I thought to myself “No way will I stay there”, because I knew there was some very fast veteran drivers coming out behind me. So as the field qualified, I continued to stay at #2, and was shocked.

Then, when the last one rolled out, the one who I knew as a seasoned veteran, who also has the track record in my class, I thought “Yelp here I go …” Then he rolled into the infield, and I was like “Yeehaww!” I already felt like I accomplished something. I would go onto start pole in my heat race and finish in 2nd, then go onto the feature and finish in 3rd.

Caden Flaugher #9C, would pick Richmond Raceway to make his dirt car debut. Caden has been running go karts at Willard Kartway and has been doing excellent. Me and my crew put this car together a week ago and I ran some of the bugs out of it at Mudlick. Now, it was time for Caden to get his feel for the car. 

Caden rolled out a little nervous, he told me, but was excited and really wanted to race. He qualified really well for his first time, and found out really quick is wasn’t a big go kart! He came out and did awesome in his heat race finishing 3rd. Caden would go onto the feature to start 3rd. He battled with big David Lucas #81 for 5th place, but ended up finishing in 8th place. I asked after the race what he thought about it all and what he liked the most about it. Caden replied “It was awesome and very cool,” and that being out there with me was the very best part of the night. Caden said he always dreamed of racing with me, and can’t wait to do it more in the future. Caden also wanted to thank our papaw Jeff Flaugher & Kenny Hemmann Sr. and all my crew for making the opportunity happen.

Shane Bailey would go to “PRP” Portsmouth Raceway Park to do battle. He ended up in victory lane with the black and white checkered flag. Shane said to me, “Car was awesome. My crew got me tuned in. Won our heat and started pole of the feature , had a good race goin’ with the outside pole guy and was able to get out in front and keep it there. Probably my most exciting win yet ,can’t thank everyone enough for all there support.” He went on to say, “I Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has texted, called or messaged congratulating me on our win last night. I couldn’t do any of this without my wife awesome crew and great sponsors”..

Brian “Boogie ” Sammons and Jimmy Lennex Jr. would Team up once again to go run @MRP Moler Raceway Park and come out with another victory in the #5B S&S Motorsports sport mod.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your racing recap. 

Gunner Johnson #9F #nocommercials

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