Race Recap: Carter County Boys Running Hard



Jackie Boggs and the #4B team would be attending the 5th annual Barn Burner at Brush Creek Motor Complex on Friday night. He had a fast car and his crew continued to work hard. Boggs would end up finishing the feature in 2nd place behind Tyler Carpenter.

Jackie would head to Mountain Motors Speedway on Saturday for the Cornshucker 40. Jackie would win his heat race, and go onto the feature for a 2nd place finish.


Shane Bailey took his #1 Crate Late Model to “PRP” Portsmouth Raceway Park on Saturday night. Bailey said they didn’t have the night they wanted. “After drawing a starting position in the back of the field, we started the heat 7th and made it to 3rd. Started 5th in the feature and was able to make it to 4th.” He would go on to say: “The car just wasn’t what it needed to be tonight, but we will work on it”.


Brian Sammons “Boogie” would choose to take the #B5 sport mod to Brushcreek Motorsports Complex on Friday night. Sammon and Jimmy Lennex Jr. teamed up to do battle.

Jeff Flaugher & Brian Sammons Jr. would take the Flaugher Motorsports #9F modified to Mudlick Valley Raceway on Saturday night. Brian won the trophy dash in the #9F mod. He then got into the S&S Motorsports #B5 Sport Mod and won the trophy dash as well. They had a fast car all night in the #9F and ended up having a transmission to lock up on him in the feature finishing the night.

Brain Sammons “Boogie” also took the S&S Motorsports Modified and Sport mod to Mudlick Valley Raceway Saturday night. “Boogie” won his heat race in the #B5 Modified, and then would go onto win the feature as well.

I (Gunner Johnson) went to Ponderosa Speedway Friday night to battle at the baddest bullring. I hadn’t been there in over a year, so I took this newer car to run some bugs out. My crew had their work cut out for them. Allen Hackworth and Martin Stacy came down from Richmond to help me out-  and boy was I thankful. We qualified 3rd came in the car, but needed adjustments for my driving style. I went back out and finished 2nd in our heat race. I went onto the feature and had a fast car that was handling great. While still chasing bugs, the carburetor was cutting out and loading up, but I managed to hang on to a 3rd place finish.

We got back up on Saturday morning and worked on carburetor and headed to Mudlick Valley Raceway. We had it dialed in! I went out for hot laps and the car was amazing. It really felt great, and had sharp throttle response. I went out for the heat race, and was leading with some distance between me and the 2nd car. Then, it “took a fit” on me once again. The carburetor would fail me all night after that, and needless to say we didn’t have the night we’d hoped for. But, the car is still in one piece and the track was in good shape- so it was still an okay night.

Also here is some local Dirt Kart Racing results from the weekend:

Hunter Flaugher #13F and brother Caden Flaugher #9C chose to do battle in karts at Wheelersburg, Ohio Friday night. Caden got 3rd in the sealed class and Hunter finished in 4th AKRA class.

Dakota Rayburn #28 went over to Wheelersburg, Ohio to run his kart also Friday night. He won both heats and feature at Wheelersburg in small block open. Rayburn won with a new Jason Wiley open motor.

I hope you enjoyed the racing recap. See you next weekend from another dirt to dust event. #9F #nocommercials


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