Quilts For Kids: Grayson Day Homemakers Send Their Love (10 photos)


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Members of the Grayson Day Homemakers have created, collected and contributed dozens of child-size quilts to local social service workers to provide children a touch of warmth in family protective situations.

A total of 25 small quilts were crafted by the club, which is one of 15 Homemaker organizations in Carter County. The Grayson Day Homemakers work to assist several community projects, including holiday and birthday cards for local senior citizens, as well as sponsoring the cost for a child to attend 4-H Camp each year.

Participants in this month’s lunch and Christmas donation program were: Tonya Baisden, Ethel Burchett, Karen Canada, Shirley Carra, Cherie Caulley, Jane Davis, Rose Mary Fannin, Martha Fleming, Michelle Griffey, Helen Hayes, Judy Kittle, Betty Kozee, Nancy Leaf, Cora Lewis, Audrey Stafford, Loretta Wall, Lori Walland Carol Ann Fraley.

For more information about Homemaker clubs in Carter County, call (606) 474-6686.

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Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON

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