Protection Training in Grayson

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Notice young Christian Jackson watching the action in the rear window!

Danielle Childers and her Belgian Malionois, Halo, worked on protection training techniques with trainer Cameron Caudill in the parking lot at the new Bluegrass Animal Clinic in Grayson Tuesday evening.

The training session provided an exciting demonstration for passing motorists, many of whom pulled over and joined customers at the neighboring Racer’s Mart to watch. Caudill used a partial “bite suit” to withstand the highly-disciplined canine’s bite pressure.

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Childers, who owns four Belgian Malinois, said she enjoyed the opportunity to prove a high-energy dog like Halo can perform at highest levels despite immediate traffic and other distractions. “These type of dogs are often referred to as ‘Fur Missiles,'” she said. “If I am ever in a sticky situation with a bad guy, my dog will have my back and do what is needed to protect me. Times are changing so we prepare for the one percent,” Childers added.

“I can send the dog on the bad guy in a busy area with distraction. The dog will apprehend and release when I tell her to,” she said.

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Childers is offering canine obedience lessons in Grayson every Tuesday. Fore more information, call (606) 922-3693.

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