Play Nice!: Grayson Mayor Cautions Sports Enthusiasts


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Grayson Mayor George Steele has issued a cautionary notice to local residents regarding public gatherings for recreational activities.

“As the Covid pandemic escalates in Kentucky, Governor Beshear has given some very specific directives. The biggest one is that we are to be practicing social distancing. He asks that we be #healthyathome. He has directed us to go only to the grocery store as we need food,” Steele said.

“I have seen several posts today from Grayson citizens, stating that some from our city are not complying. The Governor has been very specific. He has encouraged families to take walks to get outside, but has emphasized the need to make sure it is just with people living in the same household.

“Recently, he has called upon county judge executives and mayors to step in and close down facilities where people are not practicing social distancing. As a result and because of the possible spread of the virus through contact with other children or contact with playground equipment, I have ordered the close of the playground behind the city building until further notice.

“The Governor has encouraged families to shoot basketball together. However,he has made it clear that this activity is OK only when done with people who live in the same household. Today, I took my grandson to shoot basketball at the Little League field.

“When we pulled in, I saw a group of approximately 10 young men playing basketball. I left the field and called the chief of police to send an officer to remind them that this activity is not allowed at this time. I would love to leave the basketball courts open for families, but if this activity continues, I will be forced to close them, as well.

“I think we are entering the worst part of the COVID spread right now. State numbers are escalating. I am asking you, as your mayor, to stay home as much as possible. I am asking everyone to practice social distancing. I am asking parents to keep a watchful eye on your teenagers who drive, to make sure they are practicing social distancing.

“As a retired teacher and principal, I understand teenagers. I understand your desire to see your friends. I know that a few weeks seems like an eternity to you.

“However, I am asking you to use the maturity that you have developed and to monitor yourselves, use restraint, and follow the social distancing directives from the Governor.Each of you probably have grandparents, aunts, uncles, or other family members who are high risk for the virus. Please be the one who follows the rules for the sake of others.

I want you all to know that I pray for you during this time. I appreciate the prayers you pray for each other and for your elected officials. We are all in this together. May God bless and guide each of us, and shelter us in the days ahead.”


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