Outdoor Adventures by TIM & AMANDA GRIGSBY: “Bit O Time Lake House”



Trying to find outdoor adventure in Carter County Kentucky is as easy as leaving your front porch.

There are country roads, breathtaking trails, beautiful paddles, and basically all you could ask for probably just a few miles from where you live now!

We decided to try out one of the new Air BnB rental homes near Grayson Lake and turn it into an outdoor adventure as well. We try to make an adventure out of most everything we do if we can. We had an amazing experience at “Bit O’ Time Vintage Lake Retreat”!

This gorgeous lake house ran by Jack and Pam Howard is nestled just above the Clifty and Hidden Cove waterfall area of Grayson Lake. This lakehouse is a superb location to host your next family reunion, wedding, or get together with friends.

The home can sleep up to 18 people and is decorated throughout with antiques and collectibles! What a collection they have! There are fire pits and a babbling creek… even a Fairy garden! The front porch was one of our favorites … so cozy and relaxing. You have access to the lake for a day of boating or kayaking..,, you can even walk down to the water from the lakehouse on one of the trails along 986 to fish or swim. The boat ramps are just a mile or two away.


Surrounded by trees and nature .. you will truly feel rejuvenated when you leave. Pam and Jack haven’t left out any details.. all the amenities are there.


Having a meal delivered out to this lake house was a very special experience. You can also have a customized spa or massage experience right there at the house via Walking on Sunshine Shop and Spa.

It didn’t take us long to make our way outdoors and take one of the many trails along 986 that lead to the lake. With recent rainfall, we were lucky to hike along a beautiful creek that turned into a gorgeous lakeside waterfall. We had visited this waterfall before from the water, but it was never gushing as it was today, one of the plus sides to Grayson Lake after a rainy day or thunderstorm. 


When we made it down to the water we fished a while and realized it would be a great place to come back and swim. The trail is very near to the lake house making it perfect and convenient. Nightfall started to creep upon us, but that’s really when the lake area takes on another magical persona. Wildlife sounds from all around, with the creek running beside us.

Of course Tim, being the risk taker that he is, attempted to make his way to the edge to get as close as he could for a waterfall video and photo. He has always been a waterfall chaser. As we sat on the rocks by the water, we watched a large buzzard visit it’s nest on the cliff across the way, and followed a pack of coyote calls coming around the hillside. It was quiet other than the sounds of nature and wildlife.


Coming back to the lake house afterwards was an extra special treat! Multiple Trails to Grayson Lake can be accessed along Route 986. If you visit any of these areas though, PLEASE pick up after yourselves, and take a trash bag to make it better than when you found it. We must be proud of our beautiful areas, and teach our youth to cherish it as well!

Don’t delay in contacting the Howard’s to reserve your stay at “Bit o Time Vintage Lake Retreat” so you too can enjoy an outdoor adventure there!

Signing off …

Grigsby Outdoor Adventures

Tim and Amanda


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