Olive Hill: All-Cast Cooking For Saturday’s “It’s Fall Y’all” Fair

jesse oney cooks on cast
Photo from Olive Hill Chamber of Commerce

Jesse Oney will light the fire Friday night and have the beans simmering before sunrise Saturday as he applies years of experience cooking with cast iron over burning oak and hickory wood in preparation for this year’s “It’s Fall Y’all” Craft & Vendor Fair – October 24, 2020.

“We’re going to be cooking soup beans and cornbread, or cornbread fritters, peach cobbler, apple cobbler and pumpkin dump cake,” Oney said Thursday.

“We’ll light the fire Friday and keep it going all night. The beans will go on at 5 a.m.,” he said, noting the beans will be enhanced with some pork, seasoning, “and a big ol’ onion.”

Cornbread fritters are simply cornbread cooked on a griddle instead of baked in a pan, he offered for anyone unfamiliar with the bread.

Oney estimates he’s been cooking on camp fires and trail rides “20 years or longer” and will rely on a collection of cast iron cookware for Saturday’s “It’s Fall Y’all” meals, including a 22-quart “big pot” and two or three different types of Dutch ovens.

“It will be ready by 11 o’clock,” Oney said with confidence.

Oney is a coordinator for the Olive Hill Trail Town group, and all proceeds will go to the hometown organization efforts to promote hiking, biking, horseback riding along two trails, and kayaking on Tygart Creek. For more information about Olive Hill Trail Town, visit the group’s Facebook page at


For more information about the “4th Annual “It’s Fall Y’all” Vendor and Craft Festival/10 Yr Anniversary of Overcoming the Two 500 Yr Floods” visit



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