NEALA Group Mineral & Twine Order: Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service


The Northeast Area Livestock Association is currently taking orders for summer and fall livestock mineral. Hinton Mills won the bid and the mineral is a special blend to meet the UK Beef IRM guidelines. Mineral orders must be placed by April 27th. Minerals will be delivered to the Carter County Extension Office on Friday, May 8th at 9:00 AM or may be picked up at Hinton Mills. Three minerals are available:

A Complete Basic Cow-Calf Mineral @ $14.50/ 50lb bag

A Complete Basic Cow-Calf Mineral with IGR Fly Control @ $19.50/50 lb bag

A Complete Stocker Mineral with Rumensin @ $18.50/50 lb bag

The NEALA is also currently taking orders for their group hay twine order. Kee’s Farm Service won the bid. Twine will be available for pick up at the store on May 8th.

Five types of hay twine are available:

16,000 ft sisal (38# rolls; available in treated & untreated) @ $41

10,000 ft sisal @ $42

9,000 ft sisal @ $41

20,000 ft plastic (available in orange & blue) @ $21

9,000 ft plastic (available in orange & blue) @ $23

Orders for minerals and twine must be placed by April 27th by calling the Extension Office at 474-6686.

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