Momma’s Kitchen: “Logey The Bear”


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Drive-up diners and passing motorists on US 60 enjoyed a “cuteness overload” today (April 2, 2020) with the sighting of  a dancing “Logey (Logan) The Bear” as the restaurant’s staff joined in the ongoing “bear hunt” for children in Carter County.

One of the restaurant’s owners reported customers, including AEP crews on duty, have been supportive of the business during limited hours from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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Known for generations as the site of Rosie’s Restaurant, Momma’s Kitchen opened January 20, 2020. The story announcing the reopening remains one of The Carter County Post’s most widely read and shared pieces to date. 

A link is provided below

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Info and Photos by TIM PRESTON

Carter County Post


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