Missing Since 2014: Paul Clifton Sigman


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Sabrina Sigman has heard a lot of rumors about what happened to her son after he went missing in Decenber 2014.  “I have heard me and Eric cut him up and fed him to the hogs,” she said without a blink.

“Everybody called him Cliff,” she said as she spoke of her son, Paul Clifton Sigman. She is brutally honest about her son’s use of drugs, and the fact he was cooking up a batch of methamphetamine in his home just before he was last seen.

“Cliff and his brother, my son (Eric), had a fight … a little headlocking thing and Eric pretended he called the cops. He (Cliff) was doing drugs and he was afraid he would go to jail,” she said, explaining it was a scenario which had played out between the brothers many times before.

Typically Cliff would leave their home near Iron Hill for 20 to 30 minutes and then return. “This time he didn’t come back,” she said. Sigman said she and other family members began driving up and down nearby roads and calling out to Cliff. “I was yelling ‘You can come home. The cops ain’t coming.’ I kept saying to myself, ‘He’ll be back.’ He never came back.”

Among the multitudes of rumors they’ve checked into, family members and friends tend to believe a report that Cliff was seen getting into a black car similar to that of a vehicle known to be owned by people he took drugs with. Sigman said she is sure Cliff had drugs on him, and believes someone killed him while robbing him of the drugs.

She is certain he had methamphetamine with him because that was the cause of the fight between Cliff and his brother.

“We know he was making it at home. Eric caught him and that’s what started the fight,” she said. Later she added, “He was making it. There was more to be made, but we know he had meth on him.” Sigman said she certain something had happened to Cliff when he failed to show up for work at a local tire and repair shop on the Monday morning after he left home. “He never missed work,” she said.

Nine days after Cliff went missing and a local television station reported about the case, Sigman said police turned their attention to her and her son Eric. “They was really mean to me. Me and my son both,” she said, shaking slightly. “We are both still suspects.”

Sigman said she and a small group of volunteers “have walked many, many miles to find that boy,” although she does not dare search for his remains alone. “I can’t search alone because if I find him I’m going to prison,” she said.

Largely based on reports that investigators have looked deep into three wells in three counties, along with rumors which also specified a well as the place Cliff’s body was dumped, Sigman said she tends to think there may be truth to the reports.

“I still think he’s in a well. That’s been part of the rumors since day one,” she said, later adding Cliff’s body may alternately have been hidden on an abandoned strip mine property.

Volunteer Angela Mullanix has been involved in the effort to find Cliff Sigman since the first search part was organized. She never met him, she said, and is unconcerned about his personal life or habits. She understands people have reasons to withhold information, and offers her own number for anonymous reports.

“100 percent anonymous. I give them my word. I don’t care. I just want to know where he is. He needs to be laid to rest appropriately. Everyone deserves to be laid to rest.”

Anyone with information to pass on to recovery volunteers is asked to call 859-693-8992. The case remains under investigation by Kentucky State Police Detective Stan Lawson, Sigman said.

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Investigation Notes: 

Paul Clifton Sigman

30 yrs. old

6′ 0″ tall

170 lbs.

Paul has tattoos on his neck and arms

last seen on – December 1, 2014

last seen in or around – Stump Run Road in Grayson, Kentucky

Paul left on foot

Paul ‘Cliff’ Sigman has been missing since December 1, 2014. He left on foot from his residence and was last seen in the area of Stump Run Road off Route 7 North, AA Highway area, in Grayson, Kentucky. Paul Clifton Sigman is 30 years-old, approximately 6′ 00″ tall and weighs 170 lbs. He was last seen wearing a blue hoodie and blue jeans.

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