Missing or Murdered: Local Cold Cases from the Kentucky State Police


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This is a complete list of all current “cold case” files maintained by Kentucky State Police at the Ashland and Morehead posts. Carter County Post will share details of these investigations, in hopes of prompting new information to officers in charge of each case.

Death Investigation of Robert Luther on May 26, 2010 on Interstate 64

Disappearance of David Brown on November 23, 1991 in Lewis County

Murders of Marcus Moore and Kerry “Bud” Witt – March 9 or 10th, 1998

Murder of Ralph Bigelow – April 27,1989

Murder of Jane F. Elswickin – March 29, 1995

Disappearance of Gladys Stella Kidd – Summer of 1991

Murder of Dianna S. Keeton – August 28, 2003

Murder of Robert Sammons – October 28, 2005

Murder of Jerry Dale Nickels – April 5, 1993

Murder of David James – July 7th, 1999

Murder of Evelyn Fleck – January 21, 1994

Murder of James David Childers – May 1st, 2001

Murder of Raymond Scott McKenzie – July 4th, 1978

Kentucky State Police Request Help Resolving Raymond Scott McKenzie Murder July 4, 1978

Kentucky State Police in Ashland responded to a report of a body discovered over an embankment beside Ky. 180, near Interstate 64, approximately 1/2 mile west of Cannonsburg, Ky.

The victim was subsequently identified as Raymond Scott McKenzie, 17 years old, of Flatwoods, Ky. McKenzie died as a result of gunshot wounds.

Detectives are requesting help from the community or anyone who might have information on the murder of Raymond Scott McKenzie. Anyone with information can contact the case officer Lieutenant James C. Shelton with the Kentucky State Police Post 14 Ashland, Kentucky at (606) 928-6421 or e-mail him at jim.shelton@ky.gov.

Investigating Officer Contact Information


Post 14 – Ashland

OFFICER: Lieutenant James C. Shelton


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