Locally Grown: by Maria Hutchison and Herta Heine


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Maria Hutchison and Herta Heine of Rush offer a selection including home-baked breads as well as hand-knitted items at the Carter County Farmers Market.

“This is only my second Saturday out here selling,” Hutchison said, explaining she began making loaves of specialty breads by request nearly six months ago, but will soon employ a half dozen bread machines to keep up with demand.

The table in front of the growers is stocked with sourdough bread, cinnamon raisin, “Peasant” with Italian seasoning, apple cider cinnamon, French, garlic, and Beer bread among others.

Heine smiles softly as she knits, her hands working with a memory of their own as she crafts a new bonnet which will sell for $10.

IMG 8410

Grinning, she says the cap will require about 12 hours of her attention.

The Carter County Farmers Market is located on U.S. 60 under the large shelter behind the Cooperative Extension Service office near the old county fairgrounds. The market is open from 3 p.m. until sold out every Tuesday during the growing season, and from 8 a.m. until sold out Friday and Saturday.


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