Local Musicians Join Nationwide Memorial Day “Taps” Performance


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 Retired band and choir director Greg Collinsworth was one of several area musicians who joined in the nationwide playing of “Taps” at 3 p.m. Monday, May 25 2020 for Memorial Day.

Collinsworth, who once taught at West Carter High School, approached the American flag at Olive Hill’s historic railroad depot with reverence, paused to look at the half-mast banner and then lifted his horn.

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 With an extended final note to conclude the rendition, Collinsworth brought a pair of in-person listeners nearly to tears. He completed the performance with another prolonged gaze at the flag as the wind gently lofted it in the air.

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 Other local musicians took their instruments into back yards, front yards and anywhere else they could best broadcast their own versions of “Taps.” Evan Barney played in Olive Hill, performing from beneath the entrance arch at the city’s municipal park. East Carter High School Band Director Logan Skidmore said he was a yard performer, and noted John Johnson and Roger Doss also joined the nationwide “Taps” performance Monday afternoon.

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Info and Photos by TIM PRESTON 

Carter County Post


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