KYTC District 9 Weather Response Update 8 AM: Crews Working to Clear Roads After Third Storm


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KYTC District 9 Weather Response Update 8 AM: Crews Working to Clear Roads After Third Storm 2

All routes mostly covered with snow, again

FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (8 AM, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021) – After a third winter storm moved across northeast Kentucky, more than 70 Kentucky Department of Highways trucks are on roads – and have been all night – plowing and treating all accessible routes.

At 8 a.m., state highways are mostly covered. Crews have made progress on main priority A routes such as I-64, which are only partly covered in some areas or with some pavement or wheel tracks showing. Air temperatures average 23-25 degrees, and pavement 30 degrees. Slick conditions are likely on all roads.

In many areas, snow has fallen on top of packed ice and snow from previous storms. In Elliott, Carter, and Boyd counties, more than 30 roads remain impacted by fallen trees, with portions blocked, preventing access by plow trucks and utility trucks trying to restore electricity. Chainsaw crews will continue working today.

Motorists are advised to restrict travel unless absolutely necessary – it keeps you safe, and gives plow trucks more room to work. If you must be out, please buckle up, take it slow, avoid distractions, leave plenty of space between vehicles for safe maneuverability, and stay back from plows.

Motorists and residents should be aware that while crews in all counties will remain on duty clearing roads through the week, the large amount of downed trees, additional snow expected, and low temperatures will hamper efforts. Snow cover on roads could remain for several days.


For real-time traffic information, to view traffic cams, or to keep up with state snowfighters in your county, visit

During winter storms, Kentucky Department of Highways snow plow crews work 12-hour shifts to keep highways passable using a priority route system based on traffic volume and connectivity to hospitals and other critical services. Crews focus first on high-priority routes such as interstates and critical roadways, then heavily traveled state routes before turning to lower-volume routes. Snow priority maps for each county can be viewed online at

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