Kentucky Christian University Senior Day and Homecoming: by MICHELLE BRAND


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Kentucky Christian University celebrated their Sr. Day and Homecoming on Feb. 22, 2020 during the Women’s and Men’s last home basketball games of the season.

The Lady Knight’s seniors were Sidney Foster, Hannah Blakely and Savannah Anderson. The Men’s team seniors were Dominique Mitchell, Kobe Brown and Owens Crawford.

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 Special recognition was given to two seniors. Sydney Foster scored her 1000th point of her career, and Owens Crawford his 500th Assist in his college career.

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 This year’s homecoming court was introduced and crowned during the men’s game half-time.

Mandy Langstaff 2019 Queen, crowned Aria Thomas 2020 Queen and Dominique Mitchell 2020 King. 

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 The court nominees this year were: Aria Thomas, Mackenzie Evans-Schweickart, Sydney Foster, Savannah Anderson, Hope Lafferty, Taylor Smitha, Micah Adkins, Benjamin Brand, Dominique Mitchell, Andrew Wolfe, Connor Maddox, Cameron Chitwood and Kobe Brown and Shelbi Knauer.

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Story and Photos by MICHELLE BRAND


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