Kee’s Farm Service & Supply – Getting Ready To “Be Really Busy”: From Farms to Back Yard Chickens & Beyond


Nearly a dozen team members at Kee’s Farm Service & Supply are busy preparing to be even busier in the weeks ahead.

“We’re starting to get our garden seed in – slowly but surely. And fertilizers for pasture and farm,” said shopkeeper Hannah McGlone, standing behind the sales counter on a rainy Monday morning. “And we have our canning jars ordered.”

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McGlone said gardeners may find some of their favorite seeds in short supply this spring.

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“There’s going to be a big shortage of green beans is what I’ve been told,” she said, noting last year’s shortage of tomato plants has spurred many growers to save seed and start their own plants indoors in potting soil.

“There’s a lot of people buying things like all of this,” McGlone said, pointing to shelves of starter trays and and soils.

Tomatoes, peppers and cabbages tend to be the first plants set out by local growers, she said.

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The annual Vegetable Grower’s Handbook is an excellent source of information about plants, planting and harvesting, produced by Southern States. The Handbook is available at Kee’s, at no cost.

Interest in “back yard” chickens, as well as other domestic animals, also continues as new enthusiasts embrace home produced eggs, meat and more.

“Chicks will be getting here the last week of February and we are taking special orders through the first week of February. We have more than 20 breeds of chicks to pick from,” McGlone said, estimating most poultry customers tend to buy chicks 10 at a time, with some breeds selected for meat and others as “laying” hens with eggs.

“And we have guineas and turkeys and ducks and rabbits,” she added.

“It’s mostly back yard stuff. We sell more laying chickens for egg production. And we have things like heat lamps and waterers and other things that go along with it.”

While January may not be the busiest month of the year at Kee’s Farm Supply & Service, McGlone said they’ve had plenty to do even as they get ready for the spring cattle mineral sale. Local farmers, as well as animal owners in general, have dealt with challenges brought on by the current warm winter, she said.

“A lot of problems come with this mild, wet weather,” McGlone said, explaining animals tend to get sick, with pneumonia for example, because they are unable to get acclimated to the weather.

“That’s pets and cattle and horses,” she added, noting wood shavings for animal bedding has been in strong demand due to the amount of mud this season.

The mild weather has allowed many Kee’s customers opportunities to catch up with tasks such as fence building, McGlone said.

“We stay busy year round. We’re just busier in March and April and May.”

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The staff at Kee’s Farm Service & Supply, located at 1889 North State Hwy 7, Grayson is also an outstanding resource for information about practically any farm or garden related topic. McGlone said people are encouraged to call 606-474-5713 or visit the store’s Facebook page at

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Story & Photos by TIM PRESTON

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