Keep Your Distance, Tiny Dancers


With a new approach, dance classes have begun at the new location of Dance With Hope Studio on Main Street in downtown Grayson.

Owner Rhiannon Greer and staff require parents to sign their child in before each session, then check for fever and sanitize hands – and then accompany each dancer to their own “island” (marked with an X) where they are allowed to shed their face masks, if desired, to be placed on individual wall pegs until the end of class.

Greer and staff members use an approved alcohol solution to sanitize every surface in the studio when the students are individually escorted outside to the care of a known guardian.

“We are doing everything we can to keep it safe. It’s a lot of work!” Greer said.

Most classes have already filled, Greer said, although there are some spaces remaining in certain sessions. For more information call 606-315-4084 or visit the Dance With Hope Studio page on Facebook.

Dance With Hope Studio is located at 128 East Main Street, Grayson.

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Info & Photos by TIM PRESTON

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