KCU Men’s Basketball Team Win Nail-biter 98-93 in Overtime By Michelle Brand (More than 20 photos)


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KCU Knights played hard against Truett McConnell College during the double-header Saturday afternoon February 22, 2020.

The bleachers were packed as families were in attendance for Senior day celebrations and Homecoming Court. 

The last few minutes of the game brought a tie score at the buzzer.  The full house crowd roared as the clock gained five more minutes of play in overtime.  Everyone was on their feet cheering as the Knights won their last game of the regular season.

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 The Knights will be traveling to  Kingsport, TN  to play in the AAC  (Appalachian Athletic Conference) Tournament on Thursday Feb. 27, 2020.

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  After being picked to finish last their first year in the conference, the Knights enter the tourney as the 6th seed!  Go Knights! 

                                     Story and Photos by MICHELLE BRAND


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