Justice For Kelly: “We will not stop. We will not stop.”


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Years have passed since Kelly Glover was ambushed and killed by a pair of shotgun blasts on a remote country road.

“It will be five years on February 13,” said Patti Glover, Kelly’s sister-in-law.

His family members remain steadfast in their efforts to help find “Justice For Kelly.” 

No arrests have ever been made in connection with his murder, although his brother, sister-in-law, a cousin and his wife told the Carter County Post they have reason to believe the new KSP detective and supervisor assigned to the cold case could soon bring their family news of a break in the investigation.

:”They’ve got some things lined up and they’re starting to take action, but there are a lot of leads that need followed and there’s a lot of ground to be covered,” said Joe Frazier, Kelly’s first cousin and friend since childhood.

Kelly’s brother, Randy, tries to stay stone-faced as he speaks about first hearing something terrible had happened to his sibling.

“I heard it from a buddy of mine. He said, ‘How’s Kelly?’ I said ‘He’s fine, I reckon.’ And he said ‘I heard he got shot,'” Randy said, explaining they quickly went to the scene of the murder, a rural road not far across the line into Elliott County.

where evidence showed a tree stump had been placed in the road to block a large truck, loaded with gravel, driven by Kelly Glover.

“I told the police right then who had done it and what it was over,” Randy added.

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Kelly’s sister-in-law Patti has often been at the front of the family as they worked to keep Kelly’s case from going entirely cold, and his death forgotten. The tree stump used to block Kelly’s way that morning now rests in the family flower garden.

“We have notes about everything … every single person who talked to and when we spoke to them,” she said, offering an expanding file of documents and photos related to Kelly’s death.

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Joe, who now lives in Irwine, Ohio said it is impossible to express how Kelly’s death has hurt their family.

“It has been devastating. Even as a first cousin, not a day goes by that I don’t think about it.”

“We grew up together, running in the hills … Kelly loved to laugh and he loved to have fun,” he said, adding some of his final memories of Kelly include times fishing, riding off-road and pitching horseshoes. 

“I just want the killers to know that we will not stop. We will not stop,” Joe concluded.

                                             Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON


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