Just passing through: Man and pregnant dog on cross country journey


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Cross-country cyclist Flynn Donoho and canine companion, Diva, took a break from their travels along U.S. 60 in Carter County Friday morning for a conversation with the Carter County Post.

“I’m going to Maine,” said Donoho, who hails from Huntington Beach, California and is now making his second tour of the 48 connected United States along with his dog, Diva. A mix of Chow and Red Heeler, Diva is also pregnant, he said, theorizing the father may have been “a big chihuahua” and adding it will be the third litter Diva has birthed during their travels together.

Donoho said he began biking the perimeter of the United States in 2011, then decided to roll through the 48 connected states, and then to do it a second time with a goal of getting his story onto as many newspapers and TV stations as possible along the way.

A sign on the back of his bicycle trailer explains he is raising awareness of cancer, citing numerous friends and family who have faced the disease. “My younger brother kept it a secret. He has prostate cancer … so far so good,” he said.

Donoho hauls a small trailer with a tent, sleeping pad, folding chair, a helmet, dog bedding water and food, a trap, tools and a new addition – a compact fishing rod with reel. He also carries a Bible in a waterproof bag, and wears a wooden cross around his neck.

Donoho said a traffic accident provided him with the funds to pursue his cycling missions, “I got hit in Texas, hit by an 18-wheeler. I had never been hit by anything or bit by anything before then, but in Texas I was hit by an 18 wheeler, bit by a rattlesnake and was waist high in fire ants! And I still like Texas!”

Donoho said a legal settlement from the accident allowed him to pay off all of his debts and hit the road with his dog.

For more information about Donoho’s journey, visit www.crowdrise.com on the Internet.

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