July 2 eating contests carry a vision for Olive Hill’s future



Todd Antrobus is excited about the eating contest at his restaurant in Olive Hill this Tuesday. He also sees the competitions as an event which could be the start of something really big for Olive Hill’s future.

“Through research I found the cheeseburger was invented in Kentucky, in Louisville. So why not start an annual festival and have Olive Hill host Kentucky’s only cheeseburger festival?” he asked. “Why not have Olive Hill be known for the cheeseburger festival every year?” Antrobus smiled as he shared a vision of professional and amateur cheeseburger chefs grilling their perfect sandwich creations at grills beneath tents throughout downtown Olive Hill.

For the time being, Antrobus said he is fired up for Tuesday’s competition – one to determine who can eat the most of The Drive-In’s signature “Big T” sandwiches in 35 minutes.


There is also an ongoing competition to see who can eat a Big T with the most beef patties. Anyone is welcome to try this competition on any day.

“Customers started the ‘most patties’ contest and it is now up to 21 patties,” he said, shaking his head slightly.

“It all began with the Nolen boys. Mikee and Randy Nolen,” he said, explaining an extra beef patty was all that was needed to fire up the competitive spirit. Cole Boggs heard about the four-patty Big T and ordered a five patty version. “Randy then said ‘Give me nine.’ And then it went to 16 and then 20. Mike then ate 21. Three people have attempted to beat it and failed.”

The ongoing competition is open to anyone who feels up to the challenge at any time, Antrobus said, and not limited to Tuesday’s contest.

The winners of Tuesday’s “Most Big T’s” contest will receive prizes including a pink T-shirt, “name and notoriety” and championship-style belt styled after boxing and wrestling awards.

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Photos courtesy of The Drive-In Facebook page

“There will be a belt for each contest,” Antrobus said about Tuesday’s competition and the “most patties” competition. “Who knows? It might be unified one day.”

Contestants for Tuesday’s competition will be limited to 10 participants and five alternates who sign up at olivehilldrivein.com, agree to all rules and provide a $10 entry fee.

Contests begin at The Drive-In in Olive Hill at 4:30 p.m., July 2. For more information, call (606) 315-2025.


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