Huntington Blues Society to Grayson Gallery: Larry Whitt CD Release Party



The Grayson Gallery & Art Center, Inc. (GGAC) will co-host a CD Release Party along with the Huntington Blues Society for a live performance by Larry Whitt (with Brent Jack, Bobby Burnett and Jared Ward, who also performed on the recording) on Friday, June 19th from 7 to 10 p.m. Merchandise and CDs by the artist will be available for purchase throughout the evening. 

The first of many music shows set for 2020 and the gallery’s initial opening since the health crisis, visitors may also enjoy the annual “Peace & Love” art exhibit which is still on display from February. 

This event is open to the public following all COVID-19 guidelines as set forth by Governor Beshear and the state of Kentucky. Details will be available prior to and during the event. While the show will be free, donations to the GGAC (a for-social profit, 501c3 corporation) will be much appreciated and used to continue these types of live music performances.

“The Larry Whitt Band was scheduled to perform here for May’s F!nal Fr!day event, which was postponed due to social distancing concerns so we’re especially honored to co-host this program. I’ve known Larry since the early 2000s, when he was playing locally and he was the first solo performer – he volunteered to entertain – to play live
during a First Friday at the former Ashland Area Art Gallery back in 2004. It is exciting to see this professional musician’s amazing progress and regional fan base growth. In fact, the Larry Whitt Band (with Brent Jack and Tom Berry) was also the first live musical performance at the Grayson Gallery,” GGAC Director Dan Click said.

What’s next at the gallery will be another virtual art show, our third in a series, which will open as a Facebook show on June 26. Plans are underway for the GGAC to begin re-opening for F!nal Fr!days Art Walk events as well as future Second Saturday Shindigs. 

Currently, a “public art opportunity” in the form of a chalkboard on which community artists may draw or make a
statement for posting on Facebook; this has been set up at the rear of the building. 

In addition, an Eagle Scout project by Trent Litteral of BSA Troop 154 called “The Creative Exchange” is being installed at the Park Street side of the gallery building. This is similar to the *free library* concept except it will focus on the arts to provide art supplies, projectplans, books, magazines and more for creatives in need. We are seeking donations of items as well as contributions for this ongoing program.

Contact Dan Click, Director for information on showing work, music bookings and volunteer opportunities via mail:

Dan Click, Grayson Gallery Director
Join us FREE (donations appreciated) at the gallery on the last Friday each month from 6pm to 9pm for our monthly F!nal Fr!days Art Walk ~ great original art, live music and refreshments!


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