High Water Reported on Northeast Kentucky Highways Today


Heed warning signs; never drive through high water

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High Water Reported on Northeast Kentucky Highways Today 2

FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (7 AM Monday, March 1, 2021)  The Kentucky Department of Highways District 9 reports state roadways are blocked or otherwise impacted by high water this morning at the following locations:

Carter County

  • KY 1 south of Grayson in the Beech Grove area (milepoint 8-9)
  • KY 1654 near KY 854 at Rush (milepoint 3.3-3.6)
  • KY 1910 near I-64 underpass (milepoint 1)
  • KY 1496 in the Willard area (milepoint 7-8)
  • KY 1 just south of Hitchins (milepoint 6-7)

Boyd County

  • KY 854 at Rush, in two locations (mile markers 1-2 near KY 1654 intersection and 4-5 near Garner)
  • KY 3 near Trace Creek (milepoint 5-6)
  • KY 966 just north of KY 3 at Trace (milepoint 1-2)
  • KY 5 along Williams Creek near Green Springer Road and near Rockhouse-Old Buckley roads (milepoints 2-3 and 8-9)
  • KY 168 near Rockwood-Shadowlawn drives (milepoints 1-2 and 4-5)

Greenup County

  • KY 784 at Kehoe (milepoint 10)
  • KY 2 at Warnock near Wagner’s Grocery (milepoints 6-7)
  • KY 1, several locations from KY 784 at Lost Creek to Long Branch (milepoint 1-8)
  • KY 503 at Naples, from Boyd County line to KY 207 (milepoint 0-5.4)
  • KY 7 in the Tygarts Creek valley, possibility of high water today at multiple locations

Lewis County

  • KY 989 at the AA Highway-KY 9 (milepoint 12-12.6) 

State highway crews monitor high water conditions on roadways and place signs or barricades on routes as necessary. Motorists should not pass barricades or attempt to drive through high water. Even a few inches of water can float vehicles. Please turn around, don’t drown.

Find more information about District 9 online at http://transportation.ky.gov/districtnine, on Twitter @KYTCDistrict9 or Facebook at http://Facebook.com/KYTCDistrict9. Navigate traffic with KYTC, http://GoKY.ky.gov, and Waze, http://waze.com.


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