Hidden Cove and a Midnight Pursuit: By TIM & AMANDA GRIGSBY



Hidden Cove waterfall is beautiful and exciting no matter what time of day you visit. Being One of our most popular attractions on Grayson Lake, we ventured on what was probably our 100th or more trek to the cove last weekend.

It was one of the hottest days of the summer, but we still had fun and went back again the very next night for the Glow Paddle put on by The Army Corps of Engineers, Carter County Tourism, and Elliott County Tourism.

When darkness fell on the lake we had only the stars above and the glow lights decorating our kayaks to get us back. No matter how many times we visit the cove, and no matter what time of day, there is always something new to see or experience.

Once you enter the “hidden” entrance to the cove there is that moment of ahhhh it’s “like the land before time” as Tim says.

We always enjoy watching people go through the rocks toward the waterfall for the first time! Someone always says, “we are going where…in there?”

We just smile. We haven’t met a disappointed kayaker yet.

During the glow paddle, over 65 people showed up to make the trip at night. Some kayaks were decked out with glow sticks and lights.


We all headed out with park rangers Ashley Johnson and Alice Hall following behind in safety patrol boat for lighting and safety checks. We are so excited to have these two and the corps supporting events like these at Grayson Lake. Alice reached out to us early on about her idea for the glow paddle, and we couldn’t have been more excited to lead it.

Carter County Tourism members Renee Lemaster Stewart and Kara Johnson handed out free dry bags and glow sticks to participants. We had lights all around our kayaks, wrists, and necks. We put a blue cup over our stern light to create a cozy purple/blueish glow in the water.

As we entered the cove that night we were greeted by what sounded like a screech owl. It sounded eerie and beautiful at the same time. The light from our boats attracted a school of minnows who followed patiently behind the kayak.

It reminded me of caving a bit as we maneuvered through the passage in the darkness, only our headlamp lighting the way. Though you couldn’t see as much at night, the waterfall itself was running, and the echoing sounds of the water as it flowed delivered its usual promise of tranquility.

We had paddlers from all across the tri state area show up. There were kayaks, a paddle board, and one canoe making the trip with us and among them, even a doggy who happily tagged along. You would have had to be there to see those stars twinkling above us that night. They all looked so bright from the lake. One person said they saw two shooting stars on our way back.

Thanks to members of Carter County and Elliott County Tourism who made the actual paddle with us, and to park rangers Alice and Ashley with the Army corps of Engineers For your support and ideas!

If you have not already, be sure to visit Hidden Cove for the cliffs, the swimming holes, the fishing, V Falls with other waterfalls along the way, and of course The Hidden Cove waterfall itself.



Tim and Amanda Grigsby are the owners and operators of Carter County based business Grigsby Outdoor Adventures. Fore more information about tours, trips and other events, call (606) 316-2565.


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