Henri’s: Opening Soon In Olive Hill

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The image of “Baby Henri,” is burned into the grain of wooden tabletops awaiting patrons at the new Henri’s Market & Deli in Olive Hill.

A place to sit back and enjoy a cold beer, in Olive Hill?

With a dedicated deli custom slicing meats and cheeses?

Serving gourmet burgers, and more?

Yes, and it will be open soon.

“November 15,” said owner Todd Antrobus, speaking over his shoulder as he tended to the grill and fryer at The Drive-In. “We’re people of action!”

Antrobus has a relatively simple philosophy about building businesses in the small town he calls home.

“It’s about need,” he said. “Listen to what people want and go do it.”

A desire for a place offering meats, cheeses and other deli type products followed the closing of one of Olive Hill’s oldest grocery stores, which is being replaced with a new dollar store.

Antrobus had been renting a building which has previously served as an ambulance dispatch center and a bass boat factory, and saw an opportunity to meet public demand while bringing new flavors to Olive Hill. His wife and fellow small business owner, Wanda Antrobus, immediately agreed with the need for a deli, he said.

As they surveyed the space, plans expanded as they thought about other things people might enjoy in Olive Hill.

A place for lunch and appetizers. A place with gourmet burgers with options including guacamole or mushrooms. A place to enjoy a cold, frosty beverage.

“Finally, a place in Olive Hill to sit down and drink a cold beer,” he said, a smile beaming from his face as he continued filling orders in the hot kitchen.

The big building will also allow their team to relocate the doughnut-making equipment from The Drive-In, freeing up precious space for more kitchen equipment in the comparatively tiny restaurant nearby. Describing the layout, Antrobus said they have lots of space to work with.

“And that leaves three-fifths of the building.”

For information about Henri’s Market & Deli, call (606) 316-2031.

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